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  before use:in daily work, game scripts are usually bound to nodes. When you need to modify the script code, you need to open a third-party code editor for editing

  After use:after using this plug-in, click the node of the scene to edit the script code bound to the node directly on the creator, which is convenient and quick to modify the code block!

Latest updates

  • 1.Add: vilim multi cursor experience at sublime level
  • 2.Add: Rainbow bracket plug-in
  • 3.Add: the cc.color field position in the script displays the color and can be modified
  • 4.Add: console, debug preview window
  • 5.Add: add: click the line bar to add a bookmark
  • 6.Fix: search box can't be undone, redone, select all, layout chaos
  • 7.Optimization: improve the loading process and pass the use test of large projects
  • 8.Optimization: it can be set that resources will not be compiled after saving, and compiled manually
  • 9.Add: drag resources to code generation member variables and bind them
  • 10.Add: generate getts and setters plug-ins
  • 11.Add: multi language support
  • 12.Add: prettier format plug-in

*function and installation process of Creator version 3.0

Design intention:

Q: Maybe you have a question: why should I use the built-in code editor? Is it not good to use the external vscode editor?

A: Everything starts with laziness;

    1. You can easily modify the code file bound on the current open scene or interface, and directly edit the content;
    1. It is convenient to copy UI naming and parameters to nodes or vice versa;
    1. It is convenient to drag and drop new UI attributes;
    1. Convenient to write code and display information in the interface
    1. One click to create a new code template and bind it to the node, display the code content, edit it directly, and provide one-stop service
    1. One click to generate drag variables and bind components or resources
    1. Don't switch frequently among vscode, creator and browser

Use examples

Use examples

Layout recommendation:

The window auto scaling function is enabled by default. Recommended layout: view

how to use window auto scaling

Main functions

  • 1.Memo (the first page to start the plug-in)

  • 2.vscode Mini search bar(used to open files and scenes, shortcut [v])

  • 3.vscode code editor function

  • 4.command mode(directly run the code in debugging and editing, shortcut [Alt+E] or [Com+E])

  • running preview window(shortcut [F11])

  • for unused resources( for cleaning unused files, shortcut key [Alt+L])

  • 7.Rename TS / JS file in the resource manager of creator, and automatically synchronize the code import / require reference path

  • 8.Right click the mouse, select the menu, click to generate drag variables, and bind components or resources

Auxiliary editing function:

  • 1.quickly generate script and bind node(select the node in the scene with mouse, press [F3] to quickly generate and bind the script,and the script is generated in the same level directory of the scene. The format of the generated code template can be configured in settings)

  • 2.batch rename(when the mouse selects a node or file, right-click the selection menu to open the rename interface, and then rename it in sequence.)

  • 4.batch binding components(when the mouse selects the node, press [G] to open the component interface, and then bind the component to the node)

  • 5.Batch insert prefabricated nodes (when the mouse selects the nodes, press [a] to open the interface of prefabricated nodes, and then insert the prefabricated nodes into the scene)

  • 6.Quick batch deletion of nodes and binding scripts (select the node with mouse, press [Alt+Shift+enter] to pop up the confirmation interface for deletion)

  • 7.shortcut key directory(you can bind 'folder' to 'number key shortcut', and jump to the specified directory by pressing the number key. usage method: After selecting the folder, bind the shortcut key: [Alt+0-9] to bind the specified number key label, press [0~9] to jump to the bound folder location)

  • 8.Select the file resource, press [x] to cut, and press [c] to paste the file. Quickly move files with quick directory

  • 9.Shortcut node (press [Alt+~] to save the selection status of all nodes in the current scene, and press [** ~**] to return to the previously saved node selection status)

  • 10.batch select nodes with the same name(similar to batch selecting nodes with the same name by pressing Ctrl + D in vscode, the operation is quick [S] or [Alt+D])

  • 11.Batch search the child nodes of the selected node (used to quickly batch select the nodes with specified names, quick operation[F])

Project management:

  • 1.[Alt+F1] open project directory

  • 2.[Alt+F2] open the project directory to the external editor. The editor path configuration is opened in the configuration shortcut options

  • 3.[Alt+F3] open the project directory to the new creator window

    1. There are also configuration shortcut keys, templates, code input prompt settings.


3D version function has been deleted, please click here for details

Suggestion question feedback QQ group :569081407

^ If you think it's easy to use, I'd like to give you a high praise and support. Thank you for your support!^

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older 2021-11-29 17:29




__漠 2021-11-26 15:42

很好用的工具,五星好评 必须支持

ly1984724 2021-09-13 01:14



谢谢,暂时只能通过 ctrl+shift+i 打开控制台查看日志和调试

jsjcpf 2021-09-03 14:43




735274489 2021-08-11 20:45

起初我以为是Cretor的问题,但是我把插件关闭后。 重新新建就没问题



735274489 2021-08-11 20:39

测试了这样就可以,我结束进程后重新打开没问题了。 问题只出现在第一次新建模板才会出现: [Window] Cannot read property 'ccMenuMgr' of null at Object.onCCMenuPopup (C:\Users\Mr\.CocosCreator\extensions\simple-code\extensions\rename-ex\panel_ex.js:226:16) at C:\Users\Mr\.CocosCreator\extensions\simple-code\panel\vs-panel\vs-panel.js:824:18 at Array.forEach (<anonymous>) at EditorPanel.runExtendFunc (C:\Users\Mr\.CocosCreator\extensions\simple-code\panel\vs-panel\vs-panel.js:822:12) at EditorPanel.onCCMenuPopup (C:\Users\Mr\.CocosCreator\extensions\simple-code\panel\vs-panel\vs-panel.js:859:8) at ccMenuMgr.hookMenuFunc (C:\Users\Mr\.CocosCreator\extensions\simple-code\panel\vs-panel\cc-menu-mgr.js:86:15) at Object.popup (C:\Users\Mr\.CocosCreator\extensions\simple-code\panel\vs-panel\cc-menu-mgr.js:37:4) at Object.popupContextMenu (D:\Program Files (x86)\CocosDashboard\resources\.editors\Creator\3.2.1\resources\app.asar\builtin\assets\dist\components\panel-menu.ccc:1:9843)


问题查到了,升级插件后 require 的脚本还是旧版的缓存对象导致的, 这问题只有升级旧版时才出现,所有重启creator后就没问题了,我看下怎么修复

735274489 2021-08-11 20:24

最新的v3.2.0报错! 我用3.2.0~3.1.2~3.2.1测试了。 新建空模板报错: [Window] Cannot read property 'ccMenuMgr' of null。 不能在资源管理器右键创建文件,还有不能关闭窗口。。。只能结束进程。 (不是空模板没出现这些问题)


谢谢反馈,我检测下 具体报错位置可以发一下吗

无法可逆 2021-08-09 16:39

听说 3.x 产品 全部功能即将完成,恭喜大佬

龙劲lol 2021-07-09 09:45

3.1部分功能无效,点编辑/批量重命名 Method does not exist(simple-code.rename) at Package.exec &#40;D:\CocosDashboard_1.0.14\resources\.editors\Creator\3.1.0\resources\app.asar\node_modules\@editor\package\dist\browser\package.ccc:1:3264&#41; at D:\CocosDashboard_1.0.14\resources\.editors\Creator\3.1.0\resources\app.asar\node_modules\@editor\package\dist\browser\index.js:1:2742 at D:\CocosDashboard_1.0.14\resources\.editors\Creator\3.1.0\resources\app.asar\node_modules\@base\electron-base-ipc\dist\sender.ccc:1:1797 at Array.forEach (<anonymous>) at EventSender.immediately (D:\CocosDashboard_1.0.14\resources\.editors\Creator\3.1.0\resources\app.asar\node_modules\@base\electron-base-ipc\dist\sender.ccc:1:1785) at D:\CocosDashboard_1.0.14\resources\.editors\Creator\3.1.0\resources\app.asar\node_modules\@base\electron-base-ipc\dist\sender.ccc:1:1586 at processTicksAndRejections (internal/process/task_queues.js:79:11)



倾月手哇 2021-07-08 16:50



单击creator资源管理器脚本会自动打开 外部脚本也可以通过拖进来打开

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