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It is recommended to read lite and standard carefully( )The difference, especially the screenshot, and the description of whether the function is missing or not

The lite version and the standard version are independent and have nothing to do with each other. The price of the * * Lite version will not be deducted when purchasing the standard version in the future. In order to avoid losses, it is recommended to purchase the [Standard Version] directly( )

Basic functions of this Lite version:

  1. The node tree passes through the highlighted scene node

  2. Right click menu of node tree - store node to global variable

  3. The interface of node details controls the node

  4. Component menu - store components to global variables

  5. Component search (including built-in and custom components)

  6. Component search results positioning

  7. Built in switching of several resolutions

  8. Horizontal and vertical screen switching

  9. Game refresh, pause, resume, compile and devtools buttons are available

  10. Display of common environment variables and values of Cocos

  11. Real time display of the last two logs (the number cannot be set)

  12. It's positioned as Lite version. It's used mildly. It won't add new functions any more. It will only fix bugs

  13. Only support versions above 2.0 and below 3.0 (excluding 3.0)

Compared with the Standard Version, Lite version lacks a list of functions:

  1. Add custom resolution

  2. Partial right click menu

  3. Quick console

  4. Quick log number setting

  5. URL parameter setting

  6. Node tree auto refresh switch

  7. Retina mode enable switch

  8. Fariygui support

  9. Extension in plug-in

  10. Component attribute filtering

  11. Component property display optimization (Boolean, enumeration, etc.)

  12. The component property jumps to the corresponding node

  13. Component resource attribute jump

  14. Cocos common switch

  15. Drawcall analysis

  16. The details of the nodes are also different. See the screenshot for details

  17. Partial support ccc1.9.x

  18. Future support for ccc3.x

  19. Continuous maintenance, evolution and renewal

ScreenShot: 截屏2021-07-07 19.49.20|690x441, 75% 截屏2021-07-07 19.51.29|690x441, 75%

lite version disabled menus:

截屏2021-07-07 20.37.45|374x336

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wang1011273092 2021-08-03 14:52



ok, 请等我修复 ------- 已经修复,更新即可

a85662610 2021-08-03 13:38

还是git上那个修改chrome查看节点树的方便 这个的单独开插件 没试过断点能用不


可以断点的,插件内可以开启游戏的devtools(游戏试图顶部最后一个按钮), 然后跟chrome就一样了

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