Run, giant! v1.3.3
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Officially produced by Cocos Engine Team. A 3D adventure game source code, including a complete game plan (in Chinese) and art resources.

Operating environment

Creator version: v3.0.0

Programming language: TypeScript

Update statement


  • Remove the meshCollider component of the cowBoyHat hat to reduce physical calculations.
  • Use temporary variables to avoid multiple creation of variables.
  • Adjust the spacing between the interface UI and the top.
  • Key material check instancing.
  • Fix the small probability that the progress bar grows, but the background color is colorful.
  • Limit the vibration frequency, the diamond flies in to turn on the vibration.
  • Replace the walls of the first 10 levels with other obstacles.
  • Load all road modules first to avoid dynamic loading of roads, and the flame at the end will not be displayed until the player reaches the finish line.
  • Reduce the number of particles for collecting diamonds, collecting keys, and invincible special effects, reducing performance overhead.
  • Reduce the number of vertices in the villain model by half.
  • Event string changed to use enumeration management.


  • Reduce the performance consumption of collecting diamond and key particle special effects issue.
  • Fix the loading failure after being killed and then clicking skip after resurrection issue.
  • Fix WeChat build issue.
  • Fix levelUp sound effect reading failure issue.


  • New release

Game type

Leisure, puzzle, stand-alone, Android, 3D, parkour.

How to play

  • This is an adventure game, through collecting villains of the same color on the way to strengthen yourself, rush through the numerous organs, and defeat the guarding BOSS.

  • Collect diamonds at the same time, you can purchase to unlock more skin effects.

Operating instructions

  • In the game, the giant will move forward automatically, and the player needs to slide the screen to control the giant to move left and right.
  • When entering the battle, slide according to the prompts to avoid the enemy's attack, and click to attack the enemy.

Resource description

Art: Art resources include max format model, bip format animation, psd format interface original files.

Program: Complete Cocos Creator 3.0.0 project, supporting H5, various small game platforms, and Android platforms. The iOS platform is theoretically supported, but we did not try.

Planning: This resource pack contains two complete planning documents for the game and UI instructions.

Contact the author

Email: 876057443@qq.com

You can also post in Cocos forum, or leave a message at the bottom of this product page.

  • This game is officially produced by the Cocos Engine Team.
  • You can use the resources in this Demo for secondary modification and creation.

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运行好卡 好卡

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is cool !!! wait for version 3.3

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