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Coin Pusher is a casual game where you tap the screen to place gold coins and the goal is to get more gold coins by making them fall from the front.

Runtime Environment

  • Engine version: Cocos Creator 3.3.2
  • Programming language: TypeScript

Adapted Platforms

H5 WeChat Mini Game Android Native iOS Native

This resource is a technical demo and does not contain the full level content. Only platforms that passed the test are supported, other platforms are not supported by default. Please adapt manually.

Update Statement

  • 1.0.0
    • New Version Release

Game Type

  • Casual, Puzzle, 3D, Android, iOS.


Tap the screen to place gold coins and the goal is to get more gold coins by making them fall from the front. If the gold coins fall from the sides, no points will be scored.


  • Click to drop gold coins

Resource Description

  • Artwork: art resources including model MAX files, animation BIP files, interface original PSD files.
  • Program: a complete Cocos Creator 3.3.0 project, supporting iOS and Android packaging.
  • Design: this resource package contains two complete design documents for the game and UI descriptions.

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  • The game design, source code and art resources in this resource can be used commercially, and the scope of commercial license is limited to use in your self-developed game works, and no resale, rental or distribution of any kind is allowed.

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